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Best Convertible Car Seat 2017 – Why Go for Best Rated Brands

best seat reviews

If you’re aiming to make your little ones happy while you’re traveling with them, it is best that you get hold of the best convertible car seat for small car. There is nothing worth your time and money spent when it comes to being able to obtain the best baby gear for your little ones this year. When you perform your research on the various options that you have for top rated car seats, you will find that there are so many names for you to choose from and this can definitely be a challenge for you most especially if you’re to buy these seats for the first time.

More often when you check reviews on BestCarSeatHub.com or forums discussing about baby gear and equipment, you’ll find out that the first recommendation these people will have is for you to get hold of best rated car seats. Well, the reason for this is that, such highly rated products got those ratings because they were able to satisfy buyers or parents that purchased these products. We are aware that in every product we purchase we should be able to get as much customer satisfaction for us to believe in it and recommending them to others. Certain brands which claims that they’re the best car seat this 2017 can assure you that they really are the best with the ratings they get from the satisfied buyers of the baby equipment they are selling.

The best rated brands

The best rated brands can assure you that the quality of the seats that you’ll be getting for your little babies. If you’re searching for the best infant car seat for your newborn baby, the first thing you would want to keep in mind is if the seat is safe enough to place your baby in. The best brands are the ones which comply with the federal safety standards for car seats and those with the best ratings can assure that they are compliant with this.

best seat reviews

Now, if you’re looking for the best convertible car seat made for your grown up kid, you will also have to opt for the highly rated seats out there. Definitely you would want your child not only to be safe on the seat but also experience comfort whenever you travel with them on the road. To ensure this, you should be able to obtain seats which include additional safety features and on comfort for your child. Don’t hesitate in getting your children what is best for them as this is a great investment not only for your kids but for you as parents as well.

The Importance of Having the Best Convertible Car Seat

Way back then, there were various traffic accidents which were recorded to have fatal deaths and injuries which involve children. Because of this, more and more people thought that having the best convertible car seat installed inside your own vehicle is absolutely the most appropriate solution to prevent children from having fatal injuries for such kind of road and vehicular accidents. Knowing that records have already shown how such accidents can automatically lead to the demise of those who are in the vehicle and especially to those children who have no proper safety gear, it’s necessary not to disregard such kind of safety measures for your kids.

Best Convertible Car Seat

When riding with your kids in any particular type of car that you currently own. You should always be aware that there are certain regulations which encompass the safety of your children when they’re already in the vehicle. Depending on the height, weight or age of your child, it’s recommended that you have the children seated on separate seats to get the maximum protection that they need when traveling with you on the road. This is why on great recommendation to ensure the safety of your kids inside the car is that you should get hold of the best convertible car seat this 2017.

Although we are aware of the many security upgrades that are being incorporated on various best selling and newly designed cars, parents and guardians should still be able to comply with the safety standards that will prevent their kids from getting injured from any possible accidents that can be met while they are in the car. Getting hold of the best rated car seats will allow parents to compare what options they have when it comes to purchasing the appropriate seats for their children and get the seats installed as soon as possible on every vehicle that they own and use when traveling with kids.

Convertible car seats are the best security system you can give to your children when transporting them to whatever destination. With its secured seatbelts and comfortable framework, you can definitely have fewer worries on possible impacts in case of any unforeseen accidents that you may encounter when driving. These seats are made of durable materials that are capable of protecting your child when any possible impacts take place.

It is not hard to find top rated car seats that you can convert as your child begins to grow. There are various options for you to look upon as you perform some research online. Online reviews and related baby center forums can help you decide what seat will best work for your kids. Don’t compromise the security of your kids when you travel diving your car and start looking for the best seats to protect them from incurring injuries while you’re on the go.

When Is The Right Time To Move A Toddler To A Booster Seat?

If you have a toddler, you're probably wondering when's the best time to switch to a booster seat or what age is appropriate. Your little one is ready for this safety seat once he or she has reached the height and weight capacity of a forward-facing harness seat. The typical weight limitation for this is within 40 to 65lbs. Make sure to read your seat's manual to determine its capacity.

Toddler in to a Booster Seat in the Car

Toddlers are not yet able for your vehicle's safety belts, and it is best for them to use a belt-positioning harness booster between the age of 8 to 12 or when they have reached a height of 4'9". Keep in mind that adult safety belts are built to cater to 165 lbs adults and your kids will get injured in these poorly fitting car seat belts.

Why Does My Child Needs A Booster Seat?

This safety precaution seat will keep your child safe as it aids in making sure that seat belts are well fit on their collarbone, hip bones, and sternum, as well as keep their body will fit accurately in your car's seat. Remember that lap belts are one of the hidden dangers in your vehicle and they can send your toddler to the emergency room.

Boosters raise your child up to help the shoulder belt fit well between their neck and shoulders. With your kid raised up and with a less seat pan, they can now bend their knees at the booster seat's edge, which keeps them from slouching. When a child slouch, the lap belt goes to their belly putting them in danger as it can cause severe injuries to their spinal cord and abdominal organs.

There are seats designed to keep the belt stay on their lap when a crash happens. There are models which use armrests for this, so if your booster has one, position the lap belts under its armrests. There are also convertible models which you can turn into a booster from an infant car seat. There is a wide selection for this type out there, so it is essential to do your research, read reviews and tips on how to choose a convertible car seat.

Things To Consider When Buying

High Back Booster

If you are 100% sure you're ready to switch, here are some things to keep in mind to help you choose the best one for your kid.

  • High-back vs. backless type

    A high-back has shoulder-belt routing patterns making it better in positioning the shoulder compared to a backless model. It's also the best option if your vehicle does not come with a backseat headrest. However, backless boosters cost less and provide better placement for lap belts. Both can do a great job in keeping your child safe, so base your choice on your budget and car requirements.

  • Always check its fit

    Test the seat right away once you've bought it. Some retailers will let you test their floor models, which is a vital step before making any purchase. Check that the lap belt falls across your child's upper thigh and not on their abdomen. Also, check if the shoulder belt fits snugly on the middle of their shoulders, and it should not fall off their shoulders nor too close to their neck.

  • Budget

    Keep in mind that an expensive price tag does not equal quality. Some of the best seats available in the market are cheap and will not break your bank account. Do your research on manufacturers and models and do not be hesitant to ask questions before making any purchase.

Top Rated Robot Vacuums of 2017

What is the best reason for buying robot vacuum cleaner? Is it efficiency? Is it the practicality? Different homeowner has different reason why they end up changing their conventional and manual vacuum cleaner with robot one. Some people may choose it because it could save time a lot as you don’t need to move here and there to clean the room. You also don’t need to spend more times to watch how clean they have done for your room because some of robot vacuum cleaners come with automatic check and rechecked by the camera. Other people also choose robot vacuum cleaner because of the fast work. It's been something common to see that robot vacuum is faster than conventional vacuum cleaner. You can set the time, set the pattern for cleaning and more. No matter what you pick as the reason to buy robot vacuum, there is no reason to refuse to have this home gadget because it is beyond technology. There have been so many considerations in choosing robot vacuum, but choosing the brand is not easy. You have to make sure that you could pick the right brand. If you want to get quick and easy choice to buy robot vacuum, you may need to see top rated robot vacuum of 2017. Robot Vacuum
  1. The first top rated brand of robot vacuum cleaner is Eufy Robovac 11. The main reason why people go with this brand is because of the affordable price where you could save more than you buy another brand. If you want to get effective and efficient cleaning but you don’t have much budget, you need to pick this brand. The price is affordable and the feature is also good. The overall rating is 4. You could set the schedule and remote control to navigate your cleaning. The battery life could stand for 100 minutes and it might be the longest in that price rate. What makes it make sense to have that price is because of no phone control, so you cannot navigate the cleaning through your phone.
  2. is iRobot Roomba 960 is another top rated you could choose. If you dont really like low budget vacuum cleaner, then this Roomba could be the best option. It is good at features, but it asks you expensive price. It is indeed high-end robot vacuum cleaner. You could make tight schedule for months. This robot vacuum allows you to be able to clean the walls also. You don’t need to use remote control to navigate your robot, just connect it with phone control. The effective and efficient cleaning will give you fast result and that is why the battery could only stand for 70 minutes. However, no matter how expensive this robot vacuum comes, Roomba has proved that budget says a lot when it talks about features.
  3. If we could say that Roomba is high-end robot vacuum, then we could say that Neato Botvac Connected is higher-end. Having to deal with manual or conventional vacuum cleaner is indeed tiring, but when you could make it easier and faster, go with robot vacuum that could give you fast cleaning and high technology. If remote control is old, smartphone is the better option for it. Neato Botvac comes with Wi-fi connection to connect your phone with the robot vacuum so you could control many things through your phone. One thing you could not avoid to admit that Neato always thinks that shape and design is real matter is the effective function of design. D shape robot vacuum is claimed to be able to give more effective cleaning in corners.

Top 10 Christmas List for your сhild safety seats

Christmas is without a doubt my favorite time of year. And being the obsessive videophile that I am…I wanted to make a top 10 Christmas list. I’m actually going to make 2 lists. The First is the list of my 10 favorite adaptations of “A Christmas Carol” and the 2nd list is my top 10 favorite Christmas films of all time. Here they are…in descending order. Merry Christmas guys!!!

A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite books and absolutely contains my favorite set of film adaptations ever made. I’ve never read a book or seen films dedicated to a book that have such a dire consequences that result in such ultimate redemption. That’s what draws me to this work so much. That’s what has resonated with me since I was 4 years old, when I was in best convertible car seat, watching reruns of “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol” on tv. I get more emotional now than I ever did as a little kid, because that cathartic payoff is what we all are looking for now. We all carry the traits of Scrooge. We all have the tendency to cover our hurt with apathy, cruelty, anger, bitterness, and despondence. But what we all look for is that day where we can say, “I’m not the man I was. I’m not the man I was,” as Ebenezer tells the Ghost of Christmas Future as he looks at his tombstone replete with it’s birth and death date. That payoff…the opportunity to change and start anew after being given the gift of seeing your past for what it truly was, your present for what it truly is, and your future for what it will be if your own myopic shortcomings aren’t rectified…that’s what we all want. So I’ve assembled the list of my top 10 versions of A Christmas Carol. They range from the cute and innocuous cartoons to the most minimal black and whites of the early 20th century. I hope you guys enjoy. And I hope you might check out a few of these versions if you’ve never seen them.

10. Mickey’s Christmas Carol
With Scrooge McDuck doing the honors as Ebenezer, (and visits from Characters from “Wind in the Willows” and “Robin Hood”) this got constant play from my family during my childhood even though it was already several years old by then. I thought that the ducklings a best car seat. Just as endearing now as it was then.
9. The Muppet Christmas Carol
Kermit as Bob Cratchit. Michael Caine as Scrooge. Statler and Waldorf as Jacob and Robert Marley, and Fozzie Bear as Mr. Fozziwig. Movie Magic. Enough said.
8. A Christmas Carol (1984 television version)
George C. Scott (better known for his portrayal of Patton) does an amazing job as Scrooge. His strength turns into brittleness in the way that Dickens truly intended. Many think this is one of the most loyal to the original Dickens story.
7. Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol (1962 television version)
This was actually the first animated Christmas special that was produced specifically for television…and it was a musical to boot. Penned by the Broadway team of Styne and Merril…this is one gets me every time. The near sighted Mr. Magoo is hilarious as the old miser, and Tiny Tim is a toddler with a sweet tooth. I still get teary eyed when I hear “The Lord’s Bright Blessing.” This version was able to grasp sentimentality for family while making it palatable for children too. Remember, my parents then decided to upgrade me to a chair and watched the car seat reviews. And it definitely winked and nudged at some showbiz stereotypes in the process.
6. A Christmas Carol (1999 television production on TNT)
This was actually based off of the iconic Patrick Stewart’s one man production that he performed in Broadway and London. Stewart tweaks the character by making him far more vigorous and healthy…both as a miser and in his cathartic breakthrough. Just seeing him as a healthy man with an intentionally bald head already lets the viewer know that it’s not interested in leaning on the conventional interpretation of the man Scrooge might have been. And the use of Joel Gray (the Academy Award winner for his EPIC portrayal of “the emcee” in Cabaret) as The Ghost of Christmas Past was an inspired choice. I watch this version every year since I first saw it on TNT. In fact…I think TNT shows it annually now.
5. Scrooge (1970)
This was the musical version featuring Albert Finney as Ebenezer as well as the venerable Alec Guiness as the ghost of Jacob Marley. Composed by Leslie Bricusse…songs like “I Like Life”, “Thank You Very Much” and “Begin Again” make this version a must see. I am also partial to this version, because I played the role of “Dick Wilkins” (Ebenezer’s friend when he worked with Fezziwig) while I was working on another play simultaneously during my Theatre practicum in college. This movie will always have a special place in my heart. Albert Finney gives Scrooge yet another makeover in his Golden Globe winning performance as he plays him as a broken man who almost has a speech impediment from his debilitating age. The “Thank You Very Much” ensemble musical scene performed by Tom Jenkins at the end is a triumphant punch in the gut from the city of London to Scrooge.
4. Scrooge (1913)
This is one of the oldest versions and stars Sir Seymour Hicks as Ebenezer Scrooge. There’s not a ton of production value to this film, but it’s black and white atmosphere combined with the sparse dialogue and particularly creepy meeting with Jacob Marley make it one of the most beloved. Marley isn’t even seen, so it seems as though Scrooge truly is having a hallucination brought on by an “underdone potato”. Seymour Hicks was extremely impressive in his stark portrayal. I actually don’t think this version gets the credit and fanfare it deserves.
3. A Christmas Carol (2009)
Jim Carrey starred in this motion capture version which was written and directed by Robert Zemekis. It’s 200 million dollar budget was swell spent. I couldn’t possibly imagine ever seeing this as a little kid, because it has some truly haunting and graphically stark moments which assist in it in a way that live action never could. I think this version particularly succeeds in how it treats the 3 ghosts. The CGI allows the transitions and time travel scenes to blossom in the most fantastical ways. This has never been achieved with any other version because of the restraints of both budget and verisimilitude. It’s impossible to show a 6 inch tall Scrooge floating down the backstreets of London on an icicle any other way than through animation. Carrey (comedic genius that he is) plays multiple characters, and it features the talents of Gary Oldman as Cratchit and Colin Firth as Scrooge’s nephew. This is the benchmark that every animated or CGI Christmas film must measure up to now.
2. Scrooged (1988)
Absolute gold. Set in modern day New York City…Bill Murray (my comedic idol) plays Frank Cross (the slimey, Scrooge like television executive) to comedic perfection. The Cratchit like assistant is Grace Cooley (played by the amazing Alfre Woodard). She is an African American woman living in a world dominated by ancient white men and cutthroat showbiz stereotypes. Her Tiny Tim-esque son hasn’t spoken since his father died. Carol Kane plays The Ghost of Christmas Present…whose main goal is just to kick Bill Murray in the crotch as much as she possibly can. This version succeeds by being able to stray from the formula of adhering to the specifics of the Dickens story while paying close homage to it. Frank Cross is overseeing a live stage version of “A Christmas Carol” which will be airing globally on his network (IBC…Yule Love It!). Sight gags abound, showbiz jokes run rampant, irreverent jokes triumph. Bobcat Goldthwait, Robert Mitchum, Karen Allen, and even Robert Goulet bolster an amazing cast. This has my favorite ending of any version of the classic tale. Murray actually interrupts the live simulcast after he has just escaped the nightmare of his own burning coffin. He proceeds to reunite with his former flame, Claire…He makes out with a Solid Gold Dancer, sings the most amazing version of “Deck the Halls” ever heard, and tells everyone that if they don’t fully embrace the gift of Christmas… “You’re gonna burn for it….believe me. I know what I’m talking about” I can’t count how many times I’ve watched this. I still laugh hysterically, and if you guys ever wanna watch it with me…I bet you 20 bucks I can recite 90 percent of it verbatim. It is one of my all time favorite movies.
1. A Christmas Carol (1951)
Alastair Sim won Best Actor for this at the Academy Awards in 1951. I could truly go on and on about this for hours. I will try to keep it brief by saying this. It is my single favorite performance by any actor in any movie…ever. He plays Ebenezer Scrooge as the most broken and cruel man that anyone could ever encounter. His voice alone commands the film. His eyes are the coldest, bluest eyes you’ve ever seen in your life (I advise watching the colored version). This is perhaps the most loyal to the original Dickens story, and it gives some detail that is usually left out of other versions. I have thought numerous times about sampling some of his lines and constructing whole songs around it, because they’re so powerful. When he wakes after begging The Ghost of Christmas Future to spare him, you’ve never seen such a transformation. He has never at any point in the movie given you even the slightest inclination that he knows what it’s like to be happy. So his happiness seems almost like a person learning to laugh for the first time. It is true redemption. The kind that reminds me why I seek forgiveness and to be absolved every day. It is my favorite version…and my favorite Christmas movie ever…simply because of the performance of a man that I wished I could’ve met in his day.

Now here is just a simple list of my favorite Christmas movies of all time.

10. A Christmas Story – (Ohhhhhh Fuuuuuuuuuudge)
9. Elf – (You sit on a throne of lies!)
8. Ernest Saves Christmas – (I heard Santa oooooozing through the vent covers)
7. The Lemon Drop Kid – (yep…Bob Hope was the first person to ever sing Silver Bells)
6. Polar Express – (such beautiful CGI and motion capture work)
5. White Christmas – (Vera Ellen is one of the hottest ladies of all time)
4. Scrooged – Bill Murray! (See? He can’t see their nipples. And he’s realllly trying!)
3. Edward Scissorhands – (Burton + Depp + Elfman = untouchable)
2. It’s A Wonderful Life – (Jimmy Steward breaks my heart in this every time)
1. A Christmas Carol – 1951 (the end all…be all)



When saying to the field of recording and improving the quality of the stereo, it cannot ignore the role of a good condenser microphone. In many recent years, to compete with other brands, the manufacturers have instantly upgraded the quality of the products and the price just as affordable. This one leads to the appearance of some best condenser mic for just under $100 (a very affordable condenser mics), but the quality is not bad for recording at home. What Do You Find in a Condenser Mic?
  • The Size of Diaphragm & Handling the Sound Pressure
Frequently, you will look for the condenser mics with the large diaphragms because they can capture the details better and efficiently work with a variety of instruments. For the majority of recording apps, this is a safe selection. The apps with high-sound-pressure level ought to be considered. As a whole, with the small diaphragm, but the high-sound-pressure apps, a couple of details can be lost, so you need to consider carefully. It should know that the larger the diaphragm mics is the more the details are produced. Nevertheless, their sound can be muddy or damaged once they are utilized on the big sources.
  • The Polar Pattern & the Minimization of the Background Noise
If it mentions to the vocal recording and single instrument, the ideal will be Cardioid pattern and the ability to reduce noise. Everything ahead the capsule is captured by this pattern. At once, the noise from the sides and back is also removed. Apart from, the figure-8 patterns and the omnidirectional feature are helpful for capturing the wide range of sound sources and instruments. It means that the right placement and location acoustics ought to be considered because of being seeped in by the background noise. Therefore, a couple of budget microphones along with the polar-switching pattern enables you to switch between figure-8, cardioid, omnidirectional and other variants of the patterns. In comparison with what you paid, these flexible mics bring a lot of value. Nonetheless, they are able to unreliable because of the necessary moving parts.
  • Non-USB versus USB
Through the power of your laptop or computer, USB mics can operate. But, this one can be a problem, especially in case your device (the most are iPad) is not powerful enough to supply. Like that, an extra-powered USB is necessary. With the non-USB condenser mics, their electricity is taken from the phantom power due to the audio interface or mixing desk provides. Generally, USB mic ratings are low compared to the non-USB one. Best Condenser Mics under $100: Yes, we want to introduce the quality condenser microphones that you don’t have to spend a lot of money – under $100. Of course, the quality is not mediocre. Let’s see!!! MXL 770 Cardioid Condenser Microphone best-condenser-mic-under-100_mxl770 It can say that this 770 condenser microphone gets the studio quality with an affordable price level. Exactly, there is an important thing that any buyers desire. Owning a gold-sputtered diaphragm ~ 6-micron and 20 mm, so its frequency response is from 30 Hz to 20 kHz. In additional to that, its balanced audio is nice, which can be the instruments or vocals as long as you don’t let it exceed 137dB. Are you finding a credible mic? And, you don’t also want to use your budget too much on it, right? So, what do you still wait? Let’s buy it right away! Audio-Technica AT2020 best-condenser-mic-under-100_at2020 Saying to the AT2020, it should know that it has a low diaphragm to handle high Sound Pressure Levels in comparison with others. With the small diameter ~ 16mm, this condenser microphone brings a subtle stereo, in particular, the certain apps such as a drum, acoustic, vocals, and so on. It is noticed that the external cast metal with modern looking contributes to protecting the components, so the storage is easy. Samson C01 best-condenser-mic-under-100_samsonc01 If you have learned about the condenser mic under $100, it is certain that you will know this C01 receives many positive feedbacks of customers. The diaphragm is large ~ 19mm. Aside from working greatly for the instruments and vocals, the Samson has the ability to handle more 140dB, so the drum duties are handled an excellent way. All in all, you can easily access with the proper price.

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