Oh, the joys of being an artist! Oh, the triumph and heartache that comes with pursuing truth through music. It is and always will be the most humbling endeavor that I have ever or will ever embark on. And it is with that humility that I bring you guys my new record, “The Weight of Glory: Second Edition”, available exclusively at http://noisetrade.com/heathmcnease.

I knew when I was writing the first “Weight of Glory” record that I was onto something. I didn’t know if I was onto something that other people would care about, but I knew I was sharing parts of myself that I never had. I knew I was attempting to paying homage to a writer that has blessed me and millions of others in ways we can’t adequately describe. And I knew I was taking quantum leaps in my spiritual walk. The latter being the most important. But I had no idea that the record would resonate with so many people in the way that it has. The emails, letters, personal encounters/testimonies at shows, tweets, phone calls, and well wishes were overwhelming. People who were dealing with the loss of loved ones told me how “A Grief Observed” helped them make peace with their loss. People with close knit families told me how much “The 4 Loves” spoke to them. Others just wanted to tell me that the sentiment behind the lyrics in “The Weight of Glory” perfectly summed up how they feel at their most connected with God. Humbled. Always humbled.

I knew right when the album came out that I wanted to do a hip hop version of this record. I wanted to take the ideas that connected people so strongly to the first record and find a way to unite them with my love for rap. This record is my most spiritually significant rap record. The lyrics are absolutely from my gut from start to finish. I really made a conscious effort to not attempt to “style out” on this. I just wanted to humbly communicate what God placed on my heart in the first record. I wanted to pay Lewis homage, and I also wanted to respect myself. I’ve never remixed or re imagined my own work. It was, in some ways, one of the stranger things I’ve done in my music career. I’m great at reinterpreting ideas, but to do it with my own music seemed daunting. That’s why I needed to enlist someone I really trusted. Enter Mr. Greg Lafollette. My relationship with Greg began when he was simply doing editing for the equally amazing and hilarious Mr. Don Chaffer. My connection with Greg grew leaps and bounds when we tracked the entire “Weight” album in 3 days. Just me and him. We were playing a million instruments and just bouncing around from station to station…loving every minute of it.

I knew Greg could approach the remixing side with a fresh and creative spin. This guy is a closet hip hop nerd. We share the same shameless love for Bone Thugs N Harmony, and that was enough to let me know I could trust this project in his hands. He poured so much of himself into it, and this album is truly just as much his as it is mine. I encourage all of my fans and friends to check out his band. “Trouvre“, and to show him support. Tell him thanks on twitter. Send him a word of encouragement on facebook. Buy his record. Buy this record. Tell everyone about it. If you’re an artist looking for an amazing producer to collaborate with…he comes with my highest recommendation. I owe him far more than he charged me, and I hope this record is a smashing success for his sake just as much as mine.

Thank you guys for the support over the past 2 years. I’ve put out 7 projects in 26 months. This one will be my last for a while. I will be on the road as strong as ever. I will just be focusing all of my usual time that I’d spend writing/recording on promotion. I’m going to try to make these 8 records just a little more known outside of my sphere of followers. I figure I want to give music a few more years of my heart and soul. If I haven’t “made it” by then…then I will just have to make music for auto seats and do something else. It is my honor to call this my career. But it doesn’t come with it’s shortage of obstacles. I’m growing up. And I need to be smart and take care of my body. Touring 250 days a year would’t be as big of a deal if I had a driver, private jet, nutritionist, trainer, stage manager, full band, etc. Unfortunately I am all of those things, and it is extremely exhausting as you can imagine! But I love it. I never want it to stop. I pray God will use this new record as a way of bringing thousands upon thousands of new fans to the party. But if it doesn’t…I pray that you will be touched by it. And that would have been enough. Thank you for letting me do this. I hope to tell you all in person when I’m rich and famous and David Crowder is opening up for me. : )

Finally I just want to take a quick moment to thank a few guys who have been incredibly vital to my musical career over the last few years. These guys have gone above and beyond only because they believe in what I do. And I could never repay them.

Michael Tandiama, aka Mikey Dooks. He runs my website, my facebook, he does all of my album artwork, and basically everything else graphics related. And he does it for dirt cheap. Check his work out at http://SRPHM.com if you ever need anything done…he’s your guy. Brian Manley from http://funwithrobots.com has done tons of artwork/videography stuff for me. He is the mayor of Atlanta basically. He does a lot of my promo photos and he’s a great friend. Check him out. Ryan Gutowski runs “The Collision Podcast” out of Columbus, GA. He is an amazing guy who supports everything I do. I miss him and his crew. Check his podcast out. Chris Pochiba at Vision World Media. He did my Groundhog Day and Skibbidy Bibbidy videos. I want to thank a few pastors and mighty men of God who have held me down when things were tough in my musical, personal, and spiritual life. Greg Osborne, Hector Miray, Jacob Garcia, Jeff Schultz, Matthew Moore, Kody Kirchoff, Travis Mullen, Charlie Elliott, Gamaliel Aguilar Jr, Bart Whitman, Tim Ashley, Clark Daniel, and countless other guys who have just been so amazing. I also want to thank Derek Webb for being so humble and approachable by collaborating with me. He stood to gain nothing from it. He didn’t charge a dime. He paid for my mixtape with his own money, and told me he was a fan. Blew my mind since I’ve been a fan of his since middle school. I thank my best friends and brothers in music Playdough and Red Cloud. Thanks to Jordan, Isaac, John & Justin from KO. These dudes have been instrumental in keeping my head on straight over the last few years. Finally I’d like to thank a few organizations. Sam, Jared, Obadiah, & Nikki over at RadioU thank you guys for supporting what I do even though it doesn’t even fit the format of your station half the time. Thanks to Cameron, Chad, and Theresa at Relevant Magazine for showing me love at every turn. You guys have given me a real opportunity to connect with a fan base that truly supports what I do. Clinton, Aaron and the gang at RemedyFM in Fort Wayne, In. They did the video for “Calls That Never Come” for free! They did it only because they love and believe in what I do. And I believe in them every step of the way. Thanks to Danny Hidalgo at Spirit Juice for doing all the work for me and Playdough. Thanks to Indie Vision Music, Scott and Sam at JFH, Samax Amen, Isaiah Wonnenberg for his blog, Relix Magazine, and finally to Noisetrade. Thanks to Brannon Mccallister and Derek for giving me the unique opportunity to offer this record exclusively on an amazing website that takes music very seriously. Thank you for believing in my project enough to partner up with me on this. Thanks a ton.