As you are about to enter parenthood, you’ll absolutely want to make sure that your little ones will always have the best experience in life. If you opt to travel with them safely anywhere you want to go, the best way to protect them and keep them comfy is through getting hold of the best rated convertible and infant car seats in 2017. Through your search you’ll definitely find a variety of options to choose from saying that they are the best from the rest. Well, the last say would always be yours and with good research and thorough comparison, you’ll surely find the best car seat this 2017 that fits your car and the right one for your child.

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These little adorable babies deserve the best when it comes to safety and protection while traveling. If it’s possible for parents to get access to first-rated car seats, then why not get them this wonderful baby equipment? To discover the best ones available in the market this, you should at least know what exactly to look for. You can consider comparing the ease of use, comfort, adjustable harness, higher weight limits and additional protective features for such seats. Here are some of the best rated convertible and infant car seats in 2017 for you to consider.

Best Safety Seats 2017 + Short Reviews

  1. What makes this one of the top rated choices is that it offers additional crash protection features and has been rated highly for it being an easy fit to various types of vehicles and is very easy to use. Its LATCH technology makes it even worth the purchase because of it being an easy option to install in your car. Additionally, rethreading will not be an issue with this model as the harness is absolutely adjustable.

  2. If you’re looking for another best buy and best rated seat, this is one good option for price as well as performance. What makes this a popular choice to many is that it’s very light in weight. The convenience of having to bring it anywhere you go is absolutely a plus for parents who are traveling on a regular basis. It’s also easy to install facing forward or facing the rear view.

  3. Now this particular car seat is an overall well performer. With its ClickTight technology being introduced nowadays makes it a reliable option for every parent to have. This technology eliminates the need for you to use your full body force and weight to get it installed in your car. It as well features no re-threading with its adjustable harness for your growing kids.